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Kane Mountain | The Adirondack Guide

Kane Mountain

Posted by on January 13, 2012

The Climb

Trails up Kane Mountain

Trails up Kane Mountain.

In the Southern reaches of the Adirondack park stands the popular destination Kane Mountain. The mountain is nestled between several lakes, including Pine Lake and Canada Lake. The hike itself is moderate in difficulty, and several trail options exist. The most commonly used trail is the East trail departing from Green Lake Road. While this trail is longer, it is an easier climb and a great option for families hiking with children. The alternative South Trail departs from Schoolhouse Road, and while it is shorter the steepness of this trail makes it a better choice for descent instead. In the past, a third trail ran from the Pine Lake Campground but is no longer open to the public. However, those wishing to use this trail can meet up with it via an alternative trail from the Green Lake Road trailhead. For winter hikers, the East Trail provides a nice snowshoeing trail for those looking to try out snowhoeing on an incline. Be aware though that the snow makes the climb more tiring, and children or inexperienced climbers may not be able to complete the hike.

The Geology

If you are observant in your climb up Kane Mountain you will see evidence of the mountains history.

Kane Mountain Erratic

Glacial Erratic on Kane Mountain

Like many other mountains, Kane Mountain was carved by glaciers during the last ice age. A key feature of this is large boulders strewn along the mountainside. These are known as glacial erratics and were dropped on the mountain by the moving ice. Furthermore, you can see in many places glacial striations. These are grooves cut into rock as bit of stone trapped in the ice scoured their surface. These lines reveal not only the presence of the glaciers, but can also give you a sense of their directionality.

The Peak

Kane Mountain Tower

Kane Mountain Fire Tower

For those who make the climb, the peak has several features of note. This peak was once used as a lookout to detect any fires in the Adirondack forest. In order to accomplish this, a fire tower rises above the treeline. Hikers can ascend the tower to witness a fantastic view of the surrounding lakes and forests. Caution should be taken when climbing the tower in rain or wind as the steps become slick and the tower rocks considerably. At the peak their is also the observers cabin built over 50 years ago and a clearing excellently suited for a trail lunch or picnic. For the geocaching fans, a cache near the summit can be a fun mid-hike diversion.

A hike up Kane Mountain is rewarding, educational, and recommended to all who visit the area.



Have you ever hiked Kane Mountain? Do you have a favorite hike you would recommend? Tell me about it in the comments!


Map Source.

Photos by Christina Plummer.

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